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What’s that in the mirror
or the corner of your eye?

What’s that footstep following…
..but never passing by?

Perhaps they’re all just waiting.

Perhaps when we’re all dead,
out they’ll come a-slithering
from underneath the bed.

Fear makes companions of us all.”

Fear can make you kind.

8x01 / 8x04


Listen, at it’s core, works because it’s fitting for Clara’s character. With someone else, it would have felt contrived, but with Clara, the examination of fear felt genuine. Because not only did it build on her previously shown ability to relate to children, but also on how she herself deals with fear. She was not merely parroting the Doctor’s words - it’s clear that these are her words. The words of someone who faced down the Old God, who confronted the Ice Warrior, who explored a haunted house… who held her ground against the Half-face Man with tears in her eyes. Clara knows, intimately, that fear doesn’t make you weak, that you can be strong with it. Because she herself is.

Fear can be a superpower. And Clara has it.

Wally? —He’s nowhere in this book.

Do you have your own mood lighting because frankly, the accent is enough. —Clara Oswald to the Doctor
The Doctor: Lovely view out this window
Clara: Yeah! come and see all the...dark
The Doctor: The deep and lovely dark, you would never see the stars without it